Friday, 8 February 2013


Teaching the Alphabet  

There are many ways to teach the alphabet and all Ts develop their own style over time. Here is a basic outline of steps you can follow when introducing a new letter:
1. Hold up an alphabet letter flashcard so all Ss can see it.
2. Chorus the letter 3 to 5 times. Then ask each S individually to say the letter.
3. Teach the sound of the letter (e.g. "A is for 'ah' ... ah - ah - ah"). Chorus again and check individually.
4. Provide an example of an object that begins with the letter - double-sided flashcards with the letter on one side and a picture on the other are great for this. e.g. "What's this?" (elicit "A"). "And A is for...?" (elicit "ah"). "And 'ah' is for ... (turning the card over) "apple!". Chorus the word and check individually.
5. Do a final check (T: "What's this?", Ss: "A", T: "And 'A' is for...?", Ss: "ah", T: "And 'ah' is for...?" Ss: "Apple!"). These steps can be followed by 'magic finger', 'pass it', 'find it', 'slow motion' or any other alphabet game. Also, the 'ABC song is a nice way to start and finish the alphabet segment of your lesson. (from

Alphabet Songs


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Alphabet Antics

Practise the alphabet with Sounds Fun. Choose a level. Listen to the sounds. What letter of the alphabet sounds like this? Click on the right letter. And watch the snake!

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